Scientists have uncovered that the master key to blissful, lasting sinus relief is hidden in your mucus.

Learn how you can use the sinus-clearing secret to breathe free and clear NOW and every day!

It sounds disgusting, but it may be the BEST NEWS OF YOUR LIFE if you’re one of the millions who suffer with recurring nasal nightmares.

Growing evidence shows that DRIED-UP MUCUS PACKS—that attract and trap unhealthy invaders—may be the very reason your sinus misery keeps coming back over and over again.

The eternally clogged-up nose…nasty mucus dripping down your throat… awful pounding pressure in your face…thick morning mucus… embarrassing chronic throat clearing…endless doctor visits.

These and so many other nasal symptoms are linked to dry, embedded mucus—not your sinus tissues! That’s why remedies like “drying out” your sinuses or shrinking your nasal ways just don’t help…and can even make matters worse!

And while steam showers, rinses, and neti pots can feel good and may offer some relief, before you know it, you’re clogged, congested, and swallowing nasty mucus drainage again!

There have been no good answers… UNTIL NOW!

Disgusting discovery may be your SINUS BREAKTRHOUGH…

Thanks to new insight about mucus itself, there’s now an honest-to-goodness breakthrough that can help stop the cycle of sinus misery—even if you’ve been stuck in it for decades!

This isn’t just my opinion as a researcher who’s seen the hard science; thousands of sinus sufferers who’ve been helped PROVE IT! (Check out just some of their stories here).

In this report you’ll see through scientific fact why this sinus remedy works when so many other “solutions” have failed! You’ll discover how it…

This is just the beginning! You’ll also see how it can help you relieve everything from a dry, hacking cough to a nose that runs like a faucet! You will breathe easier than you have in years!

Clear the Toxic Gunk from Your Sinuses And Get Genuine Relief that Lasts!

Now that researchers have discovered the key to clear sinuses lies in your mucus; people everywhere are getting the kind of relief they never thought possible…AND SO CAN YOU!

It all begins with a secret weapon virtually unheard of by sinus sufferers, until now ….

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) Sweeps Out Thick, Toxic Mucus! Initially used to clear mucus in lung patients, science shows that this potent antioxidant has the unique ability to detoxify and dissolve unhealthy, embedded mucus stuck in your sinuses! It turns the sticky gunk into healthy, normal mucus that flows naturally and normally day after day. One study shows it starts working in 30 minutes!

But there’s more to it…

Nasal Probiotic Blend Keeps Sinuses Healthy & Protected! A groundbreaking study shows that a certain combination of probiotics (healthy bacteria) that you digest can actually help what’s happening in your nasal passages. These “good flora” actually help your immune system to neutralize the “bad” bacteria that try to invade your nose.

For the first time ever, these SUPER SINUS NUTRIENTS have been combined for you!

It’s called Flora Sinus® and it may be the single greatest breakthrough in the fight against nasal nightmares! That’s because Flora Sinus does what nothing else has—it wipes out the REAL CAUSE of recurring sinus trouble and keeps it from coming back!

It melts the thick, toxic mucus that keeps you trapped in sinus misery, and goes one step further by neutralizing the bad bacteria in your nasal ways! No other sinus solution does this!

Over 200,000 Flora Sinus users can’t be wrong!

While the science and the clinical proof are spelled out for you below, at the end of it all, you just want to feel better. And that’s why I want you to know that over 200,000 Flora Sinus users felt the exact same way when they first gave it a try. And they’re glad they did…

Now the most common thing I hear from these folks… “I never want to go a day without it…I’ll take it for life!”

You CAN’T, WON’T, and Will NEVER Solve Sinus Trouble if You Keep Doing THIS…

It seems logical.... just dry up all the extra mucus. WRONG! Decongestants and antihistamines may stop your nose from running or help you breathe through your clogged nose—but it’s temporary relief at best. In the end, this drying effect is the exact OPPOSITE of what you need!

You see, when your sinuses get too dry, it not only makes your nose irritated and tender; it triggers your body to produce even more mucus! And the extra mucus turns into the gunk that gets trapped in your sinuses (a.k.a., dried up mucus packs). You wind up with even more congestion, and the nightmarish cycle begins again!


Your body needs mucus as much as you need air to breathe!

Clear, healthy, slippery mucus plays a major role in your health. It moistens your sinuses and keeps them clean. Healthy mucus allows soothing, warm air to flow easily through your nose and down to your lungs… like lubricating oil that keeps your respiratory system running.

Mucus is also one of the most important players of your immune system. It helps trap and block out unhealthy particles—like bacteria, viruses, and even dust—all of which attempt to enter your nose on a daily basis. In fact, 90% of unhealthy invaders enter your body through your nose!

Bottom line—you do NOT want to dry up your mucus. But there’s even more to it…

The OTHER sinus mistake people make…

Maybe you believe the answer to sinus relief is about shrinking swollen sinus tissue. Heck, every ad on TV seems to tell you this. But this common belief is flat out wrong! Yes, sinuses can get swollen and irritated, but again it’s what the mucus does to your sinuses that cause all the trouble.

Sinuses are just not designed well—probably the worst design in the human body. For some unknown reason, our sinus openings (called the ostia) are ridiculously tiny—no bigger than the size of a pin head.

So your sinuses are easily blocked by too much mucus, or mucus that’s too dry or sticky. That’s why trying to shrink your sinuses to get some relief rarely helps. You need to go after the real issue—the toxic, sticky mucus!

Flora Sinus Secret Weapon #1:
Nature’s Mucus Dissolving Breakthrough…

A growing number of experts believe that NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) may be the answer millions of sinus sufferers have been searching for! It’s an unusual type of “super nutrient”…a powerful amino acid, antioxidant, and potent detoxifier all rolled into one.

NAC is not only used in natural medicine to help a variety of health problems, it’s also relied on in conventional medicine. NAC is used by doctors because of its rare ability clear out extra mucus in lung patients, and because it boosts the liver’s detoxifying power in critical situations

You’d be hard pressed to find any leading hospital without ample supplies of NAC. It’s just that important.

So how did NAC become the new secret weapon for sinus sufferers?

It all began when a team of savvy scientists did what nobody else has ever done—they got a close up look at misery-causing mucus.

You see, it’s just plain hard to study snot. You can’t really analyze it while it’s in the nose, and it’s hard to get through tiny sinus openings to collect the stuff. It’s even harder to get enough of it to study it accurately.

That’s why for decades only a few studies were done on mucus-dissolving solutions.

Scientists in the lab

Scientists finally got a close up look
at toxic snot…

The NAC sinus breakthrough started to unfold when a team of Korean scientists found a way to collect mucus from sinuses and nasal passages. They used middle-ear fluid collectors to actually draw out the mucus from real patients.

Then these scientists preserved the mucus and were able to reconstitute it into the same thick, nasal goo that caused all the trouble. Only then could they truly investigate real solutions.

They tested four different “mucolytic agents” (solvents known to break up mucus), directly on the thick mucus samples. One of the compounds tested was, you guessed it, NAC.

Astonishing results!

While three of the agents performed ok, the results of NAC blew these hard-nosed scientists away…

Also, when compared to untreated mucus, the NAC:

Why does thick, gooey mucus respond so well to NAC? Because NAC actually breaks apart the glue-like strands that hold mucus together. Called disulfide bonds, these mucus strands are so tightly woven together they have the characteristics of thick glue.

And NAC is one of the only substances ever found to dissolve the super sticky bonds!

Finally, sinus relief that LASTS…

Flora Sinus gives you the same research levels of NAC proven to dissolve embedded, sticky mucus. That’s why it delivers such amazing fast and lasting results, even for people who have suffered for years with recurring sinus trouble.

NAC doesn’t simply dry up mucus, it turns the sticky, thick toxic stuff into healthy mucus and keeps it flowing normally—not too fast, not too slow. There’s nothing I’ve ever seen that works like NAC. And the proof’s not only on lab slides, just check this out…

86.6% of sinus patients said they were “IMPROVED” or “CURED!”

In a fascinating human study, NAC was compared to a leading herbal sinus product used throughout Germany. In this randomized, open-label study, a full 86.8% of sinus patients who took NAC reported they were “improved” or “cured.” These participants took the same amount of NAC (600 mg per day) as in Flora Sinus.

But there’s even more to NAC…

A Detoxifying Powerhouse, too…

While Flora Sinus contains NAC for its unique ability to dissolve thick, unhealthy mucus, there’s something else that makes it work like magic. NAC is also a natural detoxifying powerhouse!

Remember, all that trapped mucus that’s causing you such misery is also brimming with fungus, bacteria, and other unhealthy invaders. I’m convinced that NAC’s detoxifying power is yet another reason Flora Sinus works so well. Here’s why…

NAC is one of the only solutions in existence that increases your levels of glutathione—your body’s “master antioxidant.” It’s called this because glutathione has the rare ability to boost the activity of all other antioxidants in your body, like vitamins C and E, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, and even the fruits and veggies you eat!

Boost your liver …help your sinuses!

Your liver needs lots of glutathione to keep it working at peak levels. And well documented research shows that supplementing with NAC can help raise glutathione levels, which in turn supports the natural detoxification power of your liver.

What does all this have to do with your sinuses? One of the best ways to fight those unhealthy toxins in your mucus is a healthy, well-functioning liver! It’s just another reason you get research levels of NAC in Flora Sinus!

It’s Like Trying to Sweep Glue with a Broom…

Thick, unhealthy mucus is virtually like glue. That’s why blowing your nose can feel impossible at times. One of the little-known ways to help is to make sure your cilia can do its job.

Not to be confused with nose hair, cilia are microscopic cellular strands found in your nasal cavity and sinuses. Though practically invisible to the naked eye, cilia have a big, big job. They continually work with mucus to help trap and sweep the bad stuff out of your sinuses.

Are your sinus sweepers too gummed-up to clean?

Cilia act like tiny push brooms to push along and move out the mucus that contains bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, and other pollutants. The cilia in your nasal passages also help trap irritants as they enter…before they get into your sinuses and start wreaking havoc.

Here’s the problem—if the mucus is too thick, the cilia can’t do its job. It becomes thick and encrusted with mucus, virtually freezing in place. Flora Sinus helps cilia work by keeping the mucus thin and normal so these tiny hairs can move the gunk out!

Ready to get started? Try Flora Sinus risk-free now!

Woman in pain

You’re Not Imagining It—Sinus Pressure is Agonizing…

There’s nothing quite like it…the relentless throbbing in your face. Maybe it’s your entire forehead, maybe it’s behind one eye; but one thing’s for sure, sinus pain can be ruthless.

It’s not just the piercing feeling; it’s the awful cotton-headed feeling that makes it hard to think straight. If you’ve been there, you know how it can take over everything in day.

In fact, one HARVARD STUDY Says...

“Sinus sufferers report the highest level of pain and lowest level of social functioning.”

When comparing the impact of long term sinus trouble with that of other chronic health issues, Harvard researchers found that sinus sufferers reported the highest level of pain and lowest level of social functioning— as well as significant problems with work, energy and mental health.

Once again, you can blame the stagnant packs of mucus for causing all the irritation, swelling, and pressure! You see, there are four different pairs of sinus cavities in and around your eyes and nose. Each area is extremely vulnerable to pain and pressure.

The only way to get REAL RELIEF from pounding sinuses…

You can have just one area that hurts—that knife-like feeling—or a general throbbing when all four pairs of sinuses are under attack. But no matter where you feel it, the answer is the same. You need to dissolve the mucus packs and keep sinuses clear day after day.

Flora Sinus is a life saver because it gets to the root cause of agonizing sinus pressure by breaking up the encrusted mucus. It’s no surprise that thousands of sinus sufferers report phenomenal relief from pressure and pounding soon after they start taking Flora Sinus.

Not convinced? Take the Flora Sinus challenge and feel the amazing relief for yourself. If it doesn’t work to ease your sinus agony, IT’S FREE! Click here and start now!

But there’s more to it than snoring, drooling, and bad breath…

When you breathe only through your mouth, you lose carbon dioxide too fast. This triggers a chain of reactions you don’t want…

The key is to get those sinuses open and clear—and keep them that way! By taking Flora Sinus every day, I can guarantee that you will become a much healthier, more pleasant nose breather! Just try it and see!

Sinus Sufferers, LISTEN UP:
My Own Mother Won’t Listen to Me, But MAYBE YOU WILL!

Tom Callahan

My name is Tom Callahan and I’m the President of Nutri-Health, the company that makes Flora Sinus

If you’re struggling with sinus problems, you’re definitely not alone. Over 40 million Americans silently suffer with sinus pressure, stuffy nose, shoddy breathing, chronic throat clearing, trouble sleeping, or the awful “head full of cotton.”

Sadly, my own mother is one of them.

I’ve told her there is an answer—if only Mom would listen!

God love her, she’s stubborn. She thinks she can “tough it out,” or the stuff she keeps taking will “eventually work.”

I’ve told her that THOUSANDS have already gotten a new lease on life thanks to Flora Sinus (including me—her own son)! But for some reason, she still won’t budge.

So I’m putting some of our Flora Sinus success stories right here in black and white. I want her and other sinus sufferers to see that YOU CAN break the shackles of sinus misery—safely, naturally and inexpensively—even if you’ve struggled with your sinuses for DECADES!

Take a look here

I hope these stories are finally enough for Mom and others just like her. If you’re one of them, please give Flora Sinus a try. If it doesn’t work for you, IT’S FREE! That’s how sure I am that it will change your life… And maybe YOUR story will finally convince Mom!

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Flora Sinus Secret Weapon #2:
A Probiotic for Your Nose? You bet!

These days, you’ve probably either heard of probiotics or tried them yourself. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria praised for their ability to improve digestive troubles, support urinary health, and shore up your immune system.

Probiotics everywhere these days…in digestion supplements, yogurts, and even foods like juices and nutrition drinks have started adding them.

But what most people don’t know is that probiotics can be a virtual game-changer if you’re battling recurring sinus trouble, including issues caused by seasonal sensitivities.

An open invitation for sinus misery…

It is a well-known fact that probiotics can support your immune system, which works throughout your entire body to keep you healthy and strong. So if there’s an issue in your nose, certain probiotics can help with in that area, too.

The trouble starts when the “bad” bacteria makes its way in your nose and gets settled in… an open invitation for on-going sinus misery. You need to get your immune system geared up and ready for battle. That’s the real answer to lasting relief from bad bacteria in your sinuses. But it’s not that simple…

You need the right probiotic when it comes to sinuses…

Here’s where it gets tricky—there are a dizzying array of probiotics and each works a bit differently. That’s’ why decades of research have examined how different probiotics help different health issues.

But never before has research pinpointed flora for the sinuses—UNTIL NOW!

For the first time ever, a landmark clinical study by Swiss researchers found that four different probiotics taken orally actually specifically targeted and supported nasal passages and a healthy immune response in mucus.

Four nasal probiotics…Identified for the first time ever!

Based on the Swiss research, these scientists identified these four probiotics, though they had never been combined in a sinus remedy before!

That’s why Flora Source gives you all four nasal super stars along with research levels of NAC. The result? A total sinus-saving powerhouse unlike anything out there today!

Woman with cold

Great News for Seasonal Sufferers, too!

You may go months with a clear head and peaceful, clog-free nights, but as soon as the leaves turn color or the flowers start to bloom… BAM…sinus chaos begins!

You need fast relief, so you turn to quick remedies that dry up the mucus or you try something that attempts to block the triggers. But before you know it, you’re stuck in the vicious cycle of sinus misery once again!

Whether your nasal trouble is triggered by the seasons or not, the most important thing you can do is keep your mucus flowing normally. Remember, extra mucus flow leads to dried-up mucus packs, which again produces even more mucus!

Woman walking in woods

Flora Sinus is the ultimate nasal balancer…

It keeps mucus flowing normally—not too fast, not too slow. But there’s even more to it. Researchers reviewed 12 clinical trials on the use of probiotics for seasonally triggered sinus issues. The results were phenomenal! They concluded that:

“Probiotics dramatically reduced the symptoms and severity of seasonal runny noses due to sinus problems.”

So don’t be surprised when your seasonal symptoms start to dwindle once you start taking Flora Sinus with its unique probiotic blend and NAC!

“It’s time to try a different way.”

No matter how long you’ve suffered with nasal congestion, agonizing sinus pressure, or awful dripping mucus, you can turn it all around. You can put an end to embarrassing throat clearing, poor sleep, and endless doctor visits! All of it!

It’s all about tackling the root cause of your nasal nightmares—not simply trying to dry up the mess! This means you need to deal with the real sinus culprits like dried-up mucus packs, fungus, and bad bacteria.

And that’s what Flora Sinus is all about. With super potent NAC, it dissolves the unhealthy thick mucus starting as quickly as 30 minutes—and keeps it flowing normally. Plus, the special probiotic nasal blend in Flora Sinus, keeps the good bacteria plentiful, crowding out the bad guys day after day. Nothing out there does all this!

Why wait?
Go ahead and try Flora Sinus today…
It works, or it’s FREE!

Even with all the great science and the fact that over 200,000 folks swear by Flora Sinus, it’s how it works for you that counts.

That’s why Flora Sinus is 100% money-back guaranteed. It clears your sinuses and relieves every awful symptom—OR IT’S FREE! I mean it. If you’re not thrilled with your results, you’ll get every penny back (less shipping, if any), with no questions asked.

The thing is, I know that as your symptoms start to disappear and you feel brand new, you’ll never want to stop taking Flora Sinus!

Here’s to healthy, new beginnings!


Tom Callahan

Tom Callahan
President, Nutri-Health Supplements

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Give Your Tortured Sinuses a FRESH NEW START!

Finally, one groundbreaking solution fights the real cause of on-going nasal nightmares and gives you genuine relief that lasts!

Benefits of Flora Sinus Ingredients

Flora Sinus works in three key ways to keep your nose happy:

  1. Keeps your MUCUS thin, healthy, and flowing normally!
  2. Keeps your OSTIA open and unclogged!
  3. Keeps your CILIA sweeping out the toxic mucus!

Order without worry!
The Flora Sinus Triple Guarantee

1. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED—You don’t risk a penny!

You never risk a penny when you order Flora Sinus. That’s because you have a full 180 days to decide if it’s all that’s promised. If for any reason you change your mind or are not thrilled with Flora Sinus, we will gladly refund every penny (less shipping, if any), with no questions asked. There’s no risk at all…you can even return empty bottles and still get your money back! Plus, the FREE Gifts are yours to keep no matter what!

No “Junk” added, only the good stuff!

Flora Sinus meets the highest standards for quality, potency, and purity. There are no artificial colors, flavors, animal products, unnecessary binders, fillers, or toxic chemicals added. It is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-compliant and NSF-registered facility.

Extensive testing is performed at every step during the manufacturing process to guarantee superior quality on the final product. Independent laboratory testing and rigorous safety screening are performed all along the way. Each Flora Sinus capsule is guaranteed to be free from pathogens and heavy metals.

3. RESULTS GUARANTEED—It works for you it’s FREE!

Flora Sinus will:

  • Relieve endless nasal congestion and clogged sinuses
  • Stop sinus draining and dripping mucus
  • Ease agonizing sinus pressure and that “heavy” face feeling
  • Help you sleep soundly (no clogged nose to ruin your ZZZZs)
  • Prevent thick, morning mucus
  • Put an end to embarrassing bad breath or chronic throat clearing

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Solve Your Worst Nasal Nightmares…
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That’s right! Flora Sinus will work for you or your entire supply is FREE—no matter how much you order! You have a full 180 days to try it out! If you’re not 100% thrilled with your results, send it back—even empty bottles—and you’ll receive every penny pack (less shipping, if any).

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